Our Guests enjoy grazing in well designed paddocks with natural protection from the elements, and auto-filling troughs with clean borehole water.  Some horses are stabled at times, others live out 24/7.  Feeding regimes are agreed with the Owner at outset and can be adjusted if required over time.

Our paddocks are all fenced to the highest standard and can be linked or separated, allowing for small groups or individual horses to be catered for. Our farm benefits from a very varied range of grasses, plants and herbs and has plentiful water. Grazing is carefully managed with frequent rotation and resting of paddocks. Swimming is also available in our large Dam for those brave enough to get very wet.

Jo is a Certified Equinology Equine Body Worker, so sports massage and soft tissue therapy can be provided on site as well as recuperation and rehabilitation therapies. We have an excellent local Equine Veterinary Practice who can treat your horse at the Farm. Barefoot trimming, Farrier, chiropractor, dentist and alternative holistic practitioners can also be arranged. Owners are also welcome to use their own Professionals.

Guests are welcome for both long and short term stays and transport to and from the Farm can be arranged.

We also have a large well-maintained grass arena and safe riding tracks within our Farm as well as beautiful and extensive outrides.

Our in-house Parasite and Insect Control Program includes daily paddock cleaning and all horses have regular worm counts taken to ensure we only use the correct products as and when necessary. This helps to avoid the ever increasing problem of resistance to worming products and ensure we use the appropriate treatments in line with the seasonal changes and horse’s individual requirements. External fly and parasite control is also part of our twice daily routine.

If there is something you may require specifically to suits the needs of your horse please feel free to discuss this with us.

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