As one would expect from an exclusive Retreat, our standards are set very high; both in terms of the care we offer and facilities we provide, and of course our guest numbers are very small.

care-servicesStandard Monthly Charges

The standard monthly charge for our clients includes full daily supervision plus everything we provide and do as part of your horse’s Daily Routine. It also includes the provision of our standard range of feeds and lucerne and/or hay as agreed with the Owner for their own horse.

Client Category Live out full time Stabled at night
Horses and ponies < 1 year R4,050 R5,150
Ponies and youngsters  (less than 14.3hh) R4,550 R5,650
Horses R4,950 R6,050

For the Owner’s convenience an additional monthly fee can be added to include fly and mosquito repellent (in season), basic dietary supplements and first aid products.

Prices for short term overnight stays and horses requiring 24hr stabling and supervision is available on request.

We require all Owners to comply with our worming and vaccination requirements to ensure the optimum welfare of all our horses.

Non-inclusive Costs

As you would expect, there are a number of extras that are not included in the standard monthly fee, which Owners will be required to provide or pay for separately.

For example:

Sport Massage and Body Work Therapy

Backing, schooling and exercise

Supplements, non-standard feeds and additives (as specified by the Owner)

Fly spray and repellent products (which must be provided during appropriate months)

Worm count tests and worming products (in line with our own Parasite and Insect Control Program)

Vaccinations (in line with our veterinary recommendations)

Farrier/Barefoot trim

Vet fees and medications (Owners will be notified in advance of any potential veterinary charges, except in an emergency, and will be billed directly)

Other treatments such as dentistry, chiropractor etc.

These items and anything else that may be required from time to time will be notified to the Owner and agreed in advance, wherever possible. If not invoiced directly, charges will be added to the monthly invoice.

Full details of standard services and provisions are contained within our Terms & Conditions.


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