The physical and emotional well-being of your horse is our biggest concern, and is approached with a high degree of care, professionalism and expertise. Every aspect of your horse’s care is delivered with meticulous attention to detail.


Both the Owners and our dedicated Staff live onsite to provide constant supervision and attention for our Guests.

In addition to plentiful grazing, horses are fed two or three times a day, provided with their specific concentrate meal and ad lib Lucerne and Teff.  Training, exercise and various wellness therapies are available.  We also assist during all farrier, veterinary visits and dental treatments etc.

In addition, the following routine is carried out twice a day is for every horse:

  • All over examination
  • Brush off
  • Individual feeding
  • Hooves picked out
  • Fly spray applied
  • Masks and rugs put on, taken off or changed as required
  • Basic first aid if necessary

All paddocks are cleaned daily as part of our Parasite and Insect Control Program.

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