“Nature with Plenty of Nurture – tailor made for your Horse”

H&E PhilosophyWe have created a very safe and open environment which allows horses to live out as freely and naturally as possible, but always with superior levels of supervision and care, including any specific needs of the Horse or his Owner.

We are totally committed to using natural methods, and where appropriate, we work sympathetically with every horse in order to nurture their happiness and health. We are not wedded to any single training or handling method or particular wellness modality or exercise regime, but can combine and tailor philosophies and techniques as required for each individual horse.

Prevention is better than cure’ means a huge amount to us in respect of looking after horses. This is not just a responsibility in terms of the horse’s welfare; but also in respect of the peace of mind and financial liability to the Owner. We do not take chances with a horse’s wellbeing.

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