IMG_4768Hemel en Aarde Farm offers a combination of excellent daily care, an extremely horse friendly environment, top class facilities with a wide range of wellness and exercise techniques used, plus close relationships with other Equine Professionals, such as Equine Vets, Farriers, Dentists etc.
We work closely with Kevin Ovenstone of Equitation Science Africa, who provides horse and rider training using the principles of learning theory to enhance performance, safety and welfare. With Kevin we can offer backing, training and behavioural packages for a wide range of horses.
We are also the home to EquiCanis Africa which provides a range of internationally accredited courses and studies relating to equine and canine wellness sciences. Hemel en Aarde Farm is becoming a centre of excellence for horses, young and old, needing some special care and attention.

There are many reasons why occasionally a horse may benefit from a break. Maybe after a serious competitive season, or to recover from illness or injury, or perhaps because she is in foal or is a youngster needing some time to just kick heels and grow up a bit. Even a special home to relax for a well deserved retirement.Equine Care & Services

Our Equine Retreat has been built to give you somewhere you can be confident your horse gets everything they need and give you total peace of mind that every aspect of your horse’s care will be approached with meticulous attention to detail.

Unlike a typical livery yard or stables, we aim to provide an elite Equine Retreat on par with the standards the horse’s owner would want from a luxury Retreat.

It is essential that our equine guests have plenty of quality grazing, space to relax and personalised care dedicated to them. Hence we only accept a very small number of guests at any one time.

The Hemel en Aarde Farm has large, safe paddocks with plentiful and varied grazing, all with sweeping views giving an enormous sense of freedom. Plus our closeness to the sea reduces summer heat and moderates winter temperatures.

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